How we

The dramatic cost reduction in wind and solar technologies in the last 5 years is disruptive on a global scale. Renewable energy projects are proving to be environmentally and economically attractive to investors, the global deployment is set to continue at a phenomenal pace as we strive to fight climate change and look towards clean, sustainable, commercial energy systems in communities worldwide.

Our Vision:

To successfully promote renewable energy into global markets as the world slowly transitions away from its dependency on fossil fuel generated power plants. We work closely with investors and developers in their local markets to make the process commercially viable, in order to encourage the growth in clean renewable energy power generation.

Services we offer include;



Identifying markets, finding local partners, creating projects to be shovel ready.



Understanding a client’s strategy to then advise on the best markets, the right partners, projects and people in order to achieve the required outcome.



We have a full team of development specialists to fully develop projects from greenfield status through to shovel ready. The team has been involved in the development of over 300 mw’s of projects in various countries.


Portfolio building

We create portfolios by understanding the clients long term goal, identifying projects, advising through the whole process, with a portfolio of either shovel ready or connected projects as the outcome depending on the strategy. This can be in just one country or over multiple geographies.


and Sale

Full support to find opportunities, negotiate and close transactions. We also have a vast network of buyers to acquire operating assets and we provide full support throughout the sale process.


Getting in touch

If you would like to discuss how we can add value to your renewable energy business, please contact us and we will be delighted to get in touch.

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